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A little information about this company:

Customer Service5 Stars
Internet Security5 Stars
Prompt Shipping 5 Stars
Product Quality5 Stars

If you have one of those small tiny set of feet. This is not the site for you.

However, if you have a larger footprint, and this is a great place to go. I know that after my wife had her third child her feet were not exactly small anymore.

And sometimes finding the right length or more particularly, the width was quite difficult. Designer allows women with larger feet, to find that classy, stylish footwear that they desire.

So the next time they are walking through the mall, and they see a pair of shoes that the shoe store does not have been their size. Remember to come to this site and you'll find what you need also and don't forget to take a look at their sale section A. sometime have some incredible prices generally, the price are good. But their sale items are spectacular.