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A little information about this company:

Customer Service5 Stars
Internet Security5 Stars
Prompt Shipping 5 Stars
Product Quality5 Stars

I had looked at several watch web sites and had trouble finding the watch I was looking for. The reason I like this web site so much is that I can shop by features. In particular. I can click on selling and see three different selling watches. In the end, I went with a digital watch, because of some of the additional features. Their service was excellent. The ship he was fast and the prices were good.

My watch arrived as promised.

I also like the selection of clocks they have on the web site. I am a fan of glass clocks, so I really like the glass dome clock. They carry made by Seiko.

Their specials section is a little hard to navigate, but they have some pretty good deals. Unfortunately, you have to click on a little button. Before, you can see the actual price. But I think they do that to avoid the search engines cataloging their specials pricing.