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Excellence in Health and Comfort Footwear Since 1985 Welcome We at Happy Feet Plus, look upon our company and what we do, as a labor of love. We enjoy our work because we feel good about the superior quality and comfort that our healthy products offer to you, our customer. Happy Feet Plus was founded in 1985, starting with the Kenkoh Massage sandal. After seeing, feeling and knowing the benefits of the health restoring qualities of the Massage sandal, we decided to start Happy Feet Plus. The second product that we added, was the Birkenstock Sandal. Established in 1774, the Birkenstock brand has grown to be a household name for it's legendary comfort. The sandal was originally designed as a post-op device to enhance the healing process, by providing proper support in a non-constricting environment, which also improved circulation. With all of these qualities built into the footwear, it's quite easy to imagine how wearing these would enhance your overall health. Since the original concept, the Birkenstock foot bed has been upgraded as science and technology provides a greater understanding of the mechanics of movement. It is contoured to the shape of the perfect foot. The foot bed is made of cork, and during the break-in period will soften and adjust to your own particular needs, while simultaneously realigning both your feet and your entire skeletal system(the adjustability feature takes into account that we are all different). The break-in period for most people is less than two weeks. Birkenstock's lastest advancement is the soft foot bed, which proveides extra cushioning and is ideal for those of us that had always found the original Birkenstock foot bed too hard. They are available in a variety of styles and colors and are amoung our "best sellers". As a result of starting with these two health and comfort promoting products, all of the brands that we carry are hand selected to promote Health and/or Comfort in some way. As you get to know us a little more, you will find this to be true. One of the other benefits we have built along the way is a VERY loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable staff. The average length of employment with Happy Feet is 8 to 10 years, with some of our staff over 17 years. This attest to our dedication to bring knowledge about Health and Comfort footwear to you, our customer. We want to thank you for taking the time to read about who we are and what we do. We also hope that you have a great experience here at Happy Feet Plus. May you always have "Happy Feet".