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When we return to Paris, where we trained as chefs, we often stay with friends in one of our favorite neighborhoods. It’s a place of many ethnicities, many wonderful aromas wafting and blending, creating something new that surpasses the sum of the individual parts. The greengrocer next door sells the freshest, most colorful produce of the season. In the other direction, there’s an entire row of specialty shops, where we gather all we need for our meal. It’s a recipe we’ve been working on, back home, for several months. When we take the first bite and encounter that sublime perfection of subtly intermingling flavors …
Life’s simple, elegant pleasures. And we do it all for you.
On nearly every corner, and often in-between, a bistro beckons. Each is somebody’s favorite. It’s that place you return to, perhaps once or twice a week, for yet another wonderful meal – a splendid soup to warm the soul, an appetizer to set the stage. The entrée, made fresh, for you. Possibly a dessert. Perhaps something chocolate?
We visit as many as we can. It is this lifelong joy we take in food – in creating and recreating the tastes and textures and aromas captured only by using the finest and freshest local ingredients – that led us to open the Home Bistro.
Now cradled comfortably in an apple orchard in the idyllic Lake Champlain Valley, between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont, we continue to go to great lengths to prepare you a wonderful meal so that you might simply relax and enjoy. At the Home Bistro, our inspirations – be they European, Asian, Southwestern, New England – and our use of the freshest local ingredients have led to an ever-growing menu of unique items. You can mix and match or try a sampler.
In these busy times, it’s a challenge to put dinner on the table every night. If we at Home Bistro can prepare your dinner even once a week, then we’ve truly accomplished something.