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JustMetal is a new fashion jewelry brand created and developed to appeal to the young consumer market. The brand aims to complement a wide variety of clothing for different occasions. Styles and materials are carefully selected to ensure that every item is of fashionable, innovative and versatile design, so as to reflect the unique tastes and styles of the new generation of young consumers. We place a high priority on the effective use of human resources and making use of advanced technologies. In the early 2000s, our founders were once struck by frustration trying to purchase quality contemporary jewelry. Living in the heart of the newest and hottest fashion-driven cities, they scoutted the streets of Hollywood, New York City and the internet in search for the latest styles in contemporary metal jewelry. When they realized most stores deemed to be selling similar styles with little expression of individuality, our founders have searched all over the world and bring you back the lastest styles from designers worldwide.
JustMetal store is born purely out of our founders’ passion and love of metal jewelry. The JustMetal online store enables us to bring you these quality products in a lightspeed fashion while still keeping our prices competitive and irresistible. When you shop at JustMetal, you are entitled to a pleasant shopping experience and the best quality products, every time! Philosophy The establishment of JustMetal redefines the meaning of fashion jewelry, taking it in a new direction: Jewelry is no longer something restricted to grand occasions; rather it is a daily fashion accessory which becomes an essential part of an urban sophisticate. Tasteful matching together with fashionable and trendy designs assures consumers that the pieces they select can help them project a beautiful and youthful image. Mission With its trend setting designs and unique styles, the company aims to be one of the leading eCommerce portals for contemporary jewelry. At the same time, it hopes to create a new trend for fashion jewelry, making its label one of the most reputable in town.
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