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A little information about this company:

Customer Service5 Stars
Internet Security5 Stars
Prompt Shipping 5 Stars
Product Quality5 Stars

Who are we?
My wife and I started Love Scent in Sendai Japan in November of 1998. The first Love Scent website was published in Japanese and my office was a laptop sitting on a cinder block in an old tool shed. Not too long after that we made an English translation of the site and worked with merchants in the US to ship the product for us. Still broke, in January of 2000 we established an office and warehouse in Western Colorado and the following year Love Scent became Love Scent Inc. incorporated in the State of Nevada. The year after that we moved from Japan to Eugene, OR and set up an office here as well. That was 3 years ago if my math is correct, and we now manufacture our own products and sell wholesale all over the world as well as maintaining our online/phone/post retail mail-order operation out of Colorado. We're still not rich, but we make a decent living providing decent products to decent people. We now have 3 kids including our 6 month old baby, are vegetarian teetotalers, and teach yoga for free at a church here in Eugene every Thursday night, which you are invited to attend if you are in the neighborhood. From the very beginning we ran a non-porn, non-sexist website, made only reasonable claims for the products, guaranteed those claims 100%, and have always striven for five star customer service. Give us a try, and see if you don't agree: at Love Scent, love is more than just another four letter word. :-) All the Best, Bruce Boyd president, co-founder and CEO Love Scent Inc.