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Customer Service5 Stars
Internet Security5 Stars
Prompt Shipping 5 Stars
Product Quality5 Stars

With over 35 years of experience in the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industry, our founders have a distinctive advantage over every on-line jeweler. They can bring exceptional items at exceptional values to you. Our diamond and jewelry consultants have years of experience in the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industry. They will answer any question you have or help you find the perfect gift or ring. If you are un-satisfied with their answer, demand to speak with one of the founders and they will be more than willing to answer your concerns.
MySolitaire offers you the finest certified loose diamonds and jewelry at an exceptional value. Our supply chain eliminates the traditional middlemen and passes the savings directly to you. Our diamond and jewelry prices are 40-50% lower than the average US retail prices. We're certain that no one can match our value, quality, service and selection of jewelry.
MySolitaire's quality standards are highest among all jewelers. We use the finest materials and exceptional jewelers to craft our jewelry. Our diamonds are the finest cut diamonds in the world. Every diamond is pre-selected to ensure they meet our cut, clarity, and color standards. Each loose diamond is also accompanied by a grading certificate for GIA or EGL, world's leading diamond grading laboratories. The combination of exceptional quality, value, service and selection of jewelry make MySolitaire THE place to shop for all your diamond and jewelry requirements.
MySolitaire is so confident in its quality, value and service that we offer 30 day returns on all purchases. Our no risk return policy gives the ability to view our diamonds and jewelry and make a decision. If you wish have your order appraised to confirm its value.